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By Paul James, Dec 29 2020 08:03PM

Hi all,

Well almost out of 2020 and I can almost hear many people sigh!

What a terrible year if I do say so myself. I would like to firstly wish all of you a healthy and prosperous New Year and sincerely hope that things get back to as normal as can reasonably be expected.

We are just about surviving because we've had to amalgamate and dig deep. We had hopped that by around this time, bookings for next year (Xmas & New Year etc.) would start to roll in but alas, venues are in a sticky situation and can't even think 3 months ahead let alone 6 or even almost a year because the government may just close everything down yet again.

Well, we shall be pushing soon, because if venues don't think far enough ahead, they won't get what they want for Xmas 2021.

Keep your chins up and keep a stiff upper lip they say because were British.

By Paul James, Nov 23 2020 10:02PM

Hi all,

As you know, we are not currently able to promote venues OR put artistes out into any community because of the COVID restrictions. We along with many others are experiencing quite a bit of difficulty in these trying times as our business has been non-existant since March this year and therefore has generated no income. We are able to survive as with most other people, had to take on other jobs just to pay bills and continue to eat.

We are committed to improve this agency moving forward and with this in mind will be producing flyers and mini booklets to distribute around pubs and clubs soon.

Please take care and we hope to see you all very soon.

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